Vladislav Duma

Senior Software Engineer
Bausch + Lomb Technolas PV
  • Munich, Germany
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I am open-minded, always tending towards the newest advances in technology, but nevertheless paying a lot of attention to the details and both correct ways of implementation and way of thinking.

I've started with Pascal, switched to C++, and since last ten years been a devoted fan of C#. I am leaning towards functional approach, more expressive and less verbose code. I am following recent advances in the language development, keeping myself at the cutting edge of the source expressiveness.

I tend to refactor the code frequently and mercilessly. I follow the motto: if I don't find the code written by myself 2 years ago boring and conceptually questionable, I am advancing in self-development too slowly.

Although I don't like minor optimizations (like reusing an already created object etc.), I am planning the usage of the right data structures up front (this solves 80% of optimization needs), and I try to refactor the solutions on algorithmic level: finding a O(log n) solution where a straightforward approach is O(n²), although not always strictly necessary, is a pleasant riddle, which makes coding into an art.


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Senior Software Engineer
Bausch + Lomb Technolas PV

February 2013 – Current

External software consultant
Technolas PV

December 2011 – January 2013

High-speed pattern-computing library for laser management software.

Development of a pattern generator: fast prototyping; support for 3D presentation; stateless code with heavy LINQ for saving memory; unit tests; >5x speed improvement in comparison to legacy C++ code.

Gradual architectural changes of the existing code; numerous refactorings.

As well, image-recognition modules for specific feature detection in camera images (lens detection) with OpenCV.

Solution Architect
Nero AG

2005 – 2011

.NET framework for all applications; native WPF-like GUI toolkit; communication and transfer of knowledge to Chinese branch of the company

Software engineer
Exasol AG

2002 – 2005

design and development of optimizing SQL compiler for parallel datawarehouse engine


M.S. in Mathematics
Kiev State University, Ukraine

1995 – 2000

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