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I've been interested in computers and technology for as long as I could remember. Kindergarten was the very first time I got to use a computer. It was a special day because our class had a visitor who was going to show us how to get our names to display on the screen as a greeting. We were told to go to a certain website and type our names inside the text box. When we clicked the "Submit" button a box popped up saying "Hello, [name]". I as well as the rest of the class, were amazed. We didn't know or couldn't understand how the computer could know our names.

For other kids, this may have been an interesting moment, but for me this moment manifested itself into a passion that still exists to this day.


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GitHub, Apr 2014 - Nov 2014

A program that allows an arbitrary separator between sequences of output data

GitHub, Apr 2014

Stream buffer that translates text to Morse Code.

GitHub, May 2014

Merging two tuples together.

GitHub, May 2014

GitHub, May 2014


GitHub, May 2014

2 player console war , chars face off in an intense inefficient war.


GitHub, May 2014

GitHub, Feb 2014

GitHub, Mar 2014

A buffer that streams uppercase characters to an output stream

GitHub, May 2014

A num_get facet that restricts input to a range of integers.

GitHub, May 2014

Rooms is a txt adventure game. It was originally written on my old graphing calculator a few years back. Earlier this year I rewrote it as a batch script for fun. Now I am completely rewriting it as a C++ console program. I will add different things as to test my current (low) knowledge of C++.

GitHub, Mar 2014

A stream that returns a reference to its internal buffer.

GitHub, May 2014

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Practical Multithreading

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