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Aaron Baier Reinio


Currently a student.

I'm a student in Barrie Central Collegiate high school, Grade 11.
I learned to program off the Internet. I'd say I program at an advanced level, but not a professional one (yet).

I enjoy programming in my spare time, when I do I usually program these languages:

  • C++/C++11
  • C
  • Java
  • x86-64 Assembly

Some other languages I'm familiar with but rarely use:

  • Python
  • .NET Languages
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript

I really enjoy programming in low level languages. My main motivation for learning to program was originally (and still mostly is) simple curiosity for how computers work. Since low level languages allow you to program with less layers of abstraction, they are the ones that programming satisfy my curiosity the most.

My knowledge isn't only limited to software! I've made a simple RISC CPU inside of the digital electronics simulator Logisim. I do have an understanding of Computer Hardware to a degree.


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